What are the five most important medications required in a developing country.

1. Anti-migraine drugs


A migraine headache is one of the increasing headache disorders in developing countries. It occurs mainly due to genetic conditions, but in developing countries, it is increasing at an alarming rate because one of it’s major cause is stress.


2. Medication related to HIV:-


HIV is the fastest growing virus spreading its roots in developing countries. This is due to illiteracy and poverty.


3. Tuberculosis medications:-


It is a bacterial infection of lymph nodes. Tuberculosis is also one of the widespread diseases of developing countries.


4. Anti-Malarial drugs:-


Malaria has serious impacts in African countries. The malarial parasite grows in areas where cleanliness is not there. And most of developing countries are endemic for malaria due to this reason.


5. Some anti-neoplastic drugs can also be taken.


Although, cancer is a disease of both developed and under-developed nations. It is the no.1 cause of deaths in the world.