Q9. JOINT CSIR-UGC NET (LIFE SCIENCES) (Practice set 2) Based on Nitrogen cycle.

Q9. In the global nitrogen cycle, the following microbial organisms are involved in three important process- denitrification, nitrification and nitrogen fixation.

a) Rhizobium         b) Nitrosomonas                 c) Nitrobacter                   d) Pseudomonas                  e) Azotobacter

Which of the following is the correctly matched pair of the process and its causative species?

A. Denitrification- b); nitrogen fixation- c) and e); nitrification – d)

B. Denitrification- d); nitrogen fixation- a) and e); nitrification – c)

C. Denitrification- e); nitrogen fixation- a) and d); nitrification – d)

D. Denitrification- b); nitrogen fixation- a) and d); nitrification – c)