Q7. JOINT CSIR-UGC NET (LIFE SCIENCES) (Practice set 2) Based on Nitrogen cycle.

Q7. Match the following associations involved in dinitrogen fixation with their representative genera:

Associations                                                    Genera

1. Heterotrophic nodulate                                i) Azotobacter

2. Heterotrophic non-nodulate                     ii) Frankia

3. Phototrophic associative                            iii) Nostoc

4. Phototrophic free-living                              iv) Rhodospirillium

A) 1 -ii;      2-i;         3-iv;             4-iii

B) 1 -iii;      2-i;         3-ii;             4-iv

C) 1 -i;      2-ii;         3-iii;             4-iv

D) 1 -ii;      2-i;         3-iii;             4-iv