Q5. JOINT CSIR-UGC NET (LIFE SCIENCES) (Practice set 2) Based on Nitrogen cycle.


Symbiotic biological nitrogen fixation takes place with the association between a plant and a nitrogen fixing prokaryote as shown in the following table:

List of plants                                       Nitrogen fixing

1. Soybean                                              i) Frankia

2. Casuarina                                         ii) Bradyrhizobium

3. Gunnera                                            iii) Anabaena

4. Azolla                                                 iv) Nostoc

The correct combination is:

A. 1 – i; 2-ii; 3-iii; 4-iv

B. 1 – ii; 2-i; 3-iv; 4-iii

C.  1 – iii; 2-ii; 3-i; 4-iv

D. 1 – iv; 2-iii; 3-ii; 4-i