Lecture 5: Entrez

Practical 3


Aim: To learn the usage of Entrez on the web.


Principle: The word Entrez means “Come in.” It is also a database of NCBI. It is in a way index of NCBI. It directs you to all databases of NCBI; just like index of a book directs you to all the chapters of the book.
By clicking on Entrez site, you will be directed to the entire directory of NCBI; from where you can search all other databases of NCBI
Initially it was introduced in CD form in 1991. Later it was connected with internet. In 2003, Entrez became a separate database of NCBI.




1. The website for Entrez is www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Entrez/
2. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gquery/ will open. This is the index page



3. From here you can search any further database for e.g. you had to search Unigene, then you will click on Unigene, on this page.
4. The single click will directly take the user to Unigene page.


Result: Concept of Entrez understood completely


Precautions: Same as Practical 1.


Important note:


Question: Describe Entrez in detail and its link to different databases in NCBI (MDU question-Dec. 2015; 7.5 marks).


Ans. You have to write whole detail about Entrez, with diagram.