Effect of sexual dual relationship on child care: How and with whom collaborate

Effect of sexual dual relationship on child care: How and with whom collaborate


The issue described in this scenario is “The effect of dual relationship on child care”. Psychiatrist and school nurse are the two main professionals dealing with this child.


School nurse and psychiatrist, both should, first of all, collaborate with the parents of the child regarding ethical issues. Then this issue, can be further collaborated with psychiatrists and doctors, who may give a further insight of the problem.


Regarding legal issues, they can try to find out whether the relationship is an ethical dual relationship or unethical; although most dual relationships are unethical. In the US, there is a licensing board which deals with such issues. The matter can be brought in front of the licensing board.


Effect of quality of interaction on the students


The better the quality of interaction, the better is the effect on the mental health of the student. Face to face interaction always gives best results. Better interactions enhance the child’ personality in terms of academics, social and career issues (as per ACA).

Role and function each professional


The role of nurse: The entire discussion is about a child, named Tom, who is 5 years old. Since he is small, his parents may not understand the severity of the problem that he is facing. But since the school nurse has seen the child behavior and mental and physical health deterioration, she can better explain the legal and ethical aspect of the problem to the parents of the child.

The role of a psychiatrist: Same is the case with the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist can further justify the points put forward by the nurse.

Methods used for communication and checking their efficacy


Touch therapy- Although with elderly, touch therapy is not advised much, but with small children, it works well. Small children feel comfortable and homely with this therapy and are often able to share their problems better in this way.

Kinship considerations: if the parents of the child are made aware of the legal and ethical issues properly, there is always a hope that the situation will become better.

Mind re-organisation methods: like yoga, mental exercises may help the child in the improvement of his situation.

The overall child’s behavior tells itself whether the strategies are effective or not. Some basic tests of the child, like thyroid report, heart beat improvement and physical behavioral change also tell whether the strategy is effective or not.